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Imbibe Editor

No tie needed

06-05-2015 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions People Service

Like it or not, the whole on-trade is going to be affected by the trend towards informality » More

Still in the saddle

The Anti-Social Network...

20-04-2015 | By: Luke Haines | Category: Opinions People Spirits & Cocktails Business Service

What sinister conspiracy has led to mass business meetings taking place in pubs? » More

Battling with the giants

Thinking Inside The Box

11-04-2015 | By: David Coveney | Category: Opinions Gin Vodka People England

Can we make our industry even more sustainable? » More

Still in the saddle

It Ain't Broke. Fix It Again.

29-03-2015 | By: Luke Haines | Category: Opinions Other hot drinks Service Tea Coffee

Do we really need to keep serving our meals on "quirky" things? » More

Imbibe Editor

Victims of divide and rule

24-03-2015 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions People Business

Focusing on duty is playing into the hands of the politicians » More

Still in the saddle

Land of the Free, Home of the Drunk...

12-03-2015 | By: Luke Haines | Category: Opinions People USA

Does the fate of the free world rest on the shoulders of booze?! Probably... » More

Still in the saddle

First, They Came For The Drunkards...

23-02-2015 | By: Luke Haines | Category: Opinions Business England News

What exactly do the police mean by "alcohol related" crimes? A description that broad can only lead to problems... » More

Imbibe Editor

Oz grows old

17-02-2015 | By: Chris Losh | Category: People Wines Australia

A focus on character and regionality will help its performance » More

Still in the saddle

This Sporting Life

16-02-2015 | By: Luke Haines | Category: Opinions Beers People Business Sparkling Whisky / Whiskey News Ciders

Which athletes are actually qualified to advertise booze? » More

Still in the saddle

Hiding From Customers (Part 2)

29-01-2015 | By: Luke Haines | Category: Opinions Service

Even if you're savvy enough to spot a tedious Monday night headcase approaching, how do you escape their ramblings?! » More

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Elliot Ball

Boots on the ground

Elliot began working behind the stick to support a Psychology degree, but soon found the barstool to be a more gratifying arena for stress-relief than the therapist’s recliner. After graduating, he stuck to… » More

The Baron

The Blind Tiger

A self-confessed booze hound whose promiscuity leads him from one fleeting spirituous meeting to the next with time and space but an inconvenience to his imbibing. While Madame Genievre remains his favourite he… » More

Gergely Barsi Szabó

Gonzo Cru Classé

Gergely Barsi Szabó got his first sommelier job when he arrived in London a few years ago. As he puts it, 'At Le Bouchon Breton they gave me the wine list, pushed me to the floor, and pretty much that was it.'… » More

Ian Burrell

On the rum

Self-described 'Rum Ambassador' Ian Burrell is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on cane spirits. When he's not travelling the world unearthing new distilleries, he can be found managing the… » More

Clinton Cawood

Imbibe News & Online Editor

A member of the Imbibe editorial team since 2008, Clinton has been writing about drinks since he moved to the UK in 2006 from his native South Africa. He's partial to all things agave, is dependent on good coffee… » More

Garry Clark

Wine & Bread

Currently the sommelier at a five-star hotel in the North West, Garry has previously worked at Gleneagles, Amaryllis (Gordon Ramsay’s Glasgow Restaurant), Malmaison in Glasgow, Hilton Glasgow, and several Moat… » More

Stefano Cossio

Corinthia cocktails

Stefano Cossio is head bartender at Bassoon bar in the Corinthia Hotel. Born in Udine, Italy, in 1978 he started his career after catering college in his home town, inspired by a cocktail book found in a drawer… » More

David Coveney

Battling with the giants

Breaking into hospitality with the Hotel du Vin and working around some of the best sommeliers and bartenders in the country, David was in good stead for his future. After a brief encounter with an exceptionally… » More

Mark Deamer

The spirit of wine

A first job as a sommelier at Maggiore's restaurant paved the way for a glittering career for Mark Deamer, who has now been involved with the wine and spirits world for 20 years. From there he went on to become… » More

Peter Dorelli

American bar manager

Manager of the Savoy’s iconic American Bar for more than 20 years, Peter Dorelli has had a major hand in shaping the world-famous cocktail culture that London has today. The former president of the UK Bartenders’… » More

Jo Eames

Peach Pubs

Eames has been wine buyer for Peach Pubs since it first opened the doors at the Rose & Crown in Warwick in 2002. Eight years later, Peach has 13 pubs, mainly in market towns across the Midlands and South East… » More

Howard Graham

The business side of leisure

Having been an accountant and consultant to the restaurant sector for more than 25 years, Howard has just become a director and a shareholder in a new restaurant called Wallace & Co in Putney – the name reflects… » More

Luke Haines

Still in the saddle

Luke is an 11-years-and-counting industry veteran and has been variously described by the people of Bristol as 'The Martini King', 'increasingly like Moe from The Simpsons,' and, more often, 'the defendant'. … » More

Chee Hui

HK House

Chee Hui has been running HK House, a successful Chinese neighbourhood restaurant, for the past eleven years. Initially involved with design and front of house, his interest quickly expanded to all things vinous… » More

Alice Lascelles

Bars & Spirits Editor of Imbibe

Alice Lascelles is a founding editor of Imbibe and also the spirits and cocktails columnist for The Sunday Times and The Times. She has been writing about drinks for more than a decade during which time she's… » More

Chris Losh

Imbibe Editor

After five years working on My Weekly magazine (during which time he learned how to write horoscopes and make things out of mince) in 1995 Chris Losh entered the world of drinks writing and, despite all advice… » More

Niall McCann

Licensing - a cocktail of ideas

Niall NcCann is a specialist licensing solicitor at one of the most highly regarded law firms in the leisure sector, Joelson Wilson LLP. He has considerable experience of dealing with the whole ambit of licensing… » More

Peter McCombie

Taster, tutor and judge

As a leading restaurant wine consultant Peter has chosen wine and trained staff for a host of five star hotels, members clubs and London’s best restaurants, not to mention the Cliff in Barbados. He lectures for… » More

Fergus Muirhead

A sommelier story

Fergus Muirhead is head sommelier of Restaurant Story, having previously re-opened Michelin-starred Tom Aikens restaurant in Chelsea and opened The Northall in The Corinthia Hotel. He was chosen as one of the… » More

Christine Parkinson

From food to wine

Christine Parkinson started her career in the kitchen, and moved into management after 3 years as Head Chef. Responsibility for 39 restaurants eventually convinced her to follow her passion and concentrate on… » More

Ronan Sayburn

A master of wine lists

Master Sommelier and previous winner of the UK Sommelier of the Year competition, Ronan is the Director of Wines and Spirits for the Hotel du Vin group. Born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, he’s been involved… » More

Justine Trickett

Through the lens

At the barely-legal age of eighteen, Justine Trickett started working for Oddbins in her home town in Yorkshire, before moving to London for university, studying photojournalism whilst working at various London… » More

Scott Tyrer

Leeds bartending

'Everyday is a school day' is the motto Scott Tyrer has stood by for the entirety of his professional career in the north of England. Though still a fairly new player on the mixology scene this motto has yet to… » More

Morgan Vanderkamer

Canadian sommelier

Morgan's wine 'ah-ha' moment was 11 years ago. Since then life has been all about wine. After two very exciting wine years in London, she is currently residing in Dublin and trying to make an impact on the wine… » More

Naren Young

A New York bartender

Naren Young likes a drink or two. Sometimes three. When he's not staying out way past his bedtime propping up the bar at New York's countless watering holes, he's probably travelling the globe, propping up the… » More

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