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The spirit of wine

Earth, wind & fear

09-07-2011 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Opinions

There's a hint of schitzophrenia creeping into the drinks trade and I am wondering if anyone else has noticed it? » More

Imbibe Editor

The greatest show on earth...

08-07-2011 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Events England

Imbibe Live 2011 is over, the post-event hangover has worn off and I have just about summoned up the energy to drag my weary carcass back to my computer » More

Imbibe Editor

Chain Reaction

22-06-2011 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Business News Coffee

There was something depressingly inevitable about the news that recently filtered through the bush telegraph » More

Leeds bartending

The strawberry daiquiri and other loathsome drinks part two

12-06-2011 | By: Scott Tyrer | Category: Cocktails Opinions England

I’ve been getting a lot of feed back from my last post (the strawberry daiquiri and other loathsome drinks), most of it good, and some quite congratulatory (cheers guys).But, the most common gesture is one of perceived understanding of the general meaning, most if not all have missed the point slightly. Maybe it was the way I wrote it. » More

Imbibe Editor

The third degree

09-06-2011 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions

Whenever my missus and I go out for a meal it’s like a scene from When Harry Met Sally. » More

The business side of leisure

Alfresco dining – The Outside Scoop.

06-06-2011 | By: Howard Graham | Category: Opinions

The moment the sun comes out in London, high streets are lined with al fresco diners soaking up the rays. Tables and chairs align the streets, immediately adding a touch of summer glamour to even the most dingy areas. The scene could be one from Venice or Monaco, save the passing traffic and noise pollution. » More

Wine & Bread

Apparently it is English Wine Week.

02-06-2011 | By: Garry Clark | Category: Opinions Wines England

What are you doing for English Wine Week? Well probably not much because i will bet that you probably had no idea. » More

Peach Pubs

I May Not Know Much...

30-05-2011 | By: Jo Eames | Category: White only

Having spent spent barely ten years educating myself in a certain corner of the wine trade (that is, the wines that suit gastropubs) it was first a shock, and then deliciously amusing to find that maybe, just maybe, that’s an area I now know a bit more about than one of the grand old men. » More

The spirit of wine

Home Alone

30-05-2011 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Events Mixers & Soft drinks Wines Spirits & Cocktails Business Tastings England

So here I am pondering the decline of LIWF ( the 'L' is for London........that's London, England) and it hits me................Where da English Wine at? » More

Licensing - a cocktail of ideas

To Wee or not to Wee

26-05-2011 | By: Niall McCann | Category: Opinions

As the puddles become ubiquitous... » More

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