The business side of leisure

The business side of leisure

Howard Graham

Having been an accountant and consultant to the restaurant sector for more than 25 years, Howard has just become a director and a shareholder in a new restaurant called Wallace & Co in Putney – the name reflects that of his co-director and shareholder Gregg Wallace of Masterchef fame. Howard’s been a partner at Westbury Chartered Accountants since 1987, where his main area of expertise is financial and business development. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Faculty of Information Technology, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and also holds the Financial Planning Certificate from the Chartered Insurance Institute. He is also Chief Executive of the Made Simple Group, a leading online business services company in the SME sector providing services such as online company formation where his website forms more than 2,500 new companies per month. He is on the BBC’s panel of small business advisers and has regularly appeared on The Midas Touch panel at the Business Start Up Show with Dragons Peter Jones and Rachel Elnaugh. Other business interests include being a director and shareholder of a fruit and vegetable company, Secrets Direct, which supplies some of the top restaurants and hotels in the capital, a leisure goods operation and a property company.

The business side of leisure

Making good use of technology

18-10-2011 | Category: Business Service

Changes in technology over the last few years have impacted on business generally, but has the hospitality sector embraced these advances? » More

The business side of leisure

Alfresco dining – The Outside Scoop.

06-06-2011 | Category: Opinions

The moment the sun comes out in London, high streets are lined with al fresco diners soaking up the rays. Tables and chairs align the streets, immediately adding a touch of summer glamour to even the most dingy areas. The scene could be one from Venice or Monaco, save the passing traffic and noise pollution. » More

The business side of leisure

So is Groupon good for restaurants?

25-03-2011 | Category: Opinions Business Service USA

Groupon have been operating in the US and the UK for some time now, and there is a considerable difference of opinion as to whether or not they represent a good deal for restaurants » More

The business side of leisure

Walking the Walk

15-11-2010 | Category: Opinions Business

It’s almost a year since I took the plunge from being a passive bystander consulting to the restaurant sector to an active investor and operator as part owner of a new restaurant » More

The business side of leisure

Top Ten Tips to a Successful Restaurant – part 2

08-02-2010 | Category: Business Service

Statistics show that staff costs, excluding directors, can range from 20 to 30% of turnover. In most cases, it ranks as the most important cost other than food and drink » More

The business side of leisure

Top Ten Tips to a Successful Restaurant – part 1

08-02-2010 | Category: Opinions Business Service England

Choosing the right location is often critical to the success of your restaurant. Research the history of any property you are considering very carefully » More

The business side of leisure

What Makes a Restaurant Successful?

05-02-2010 | Category: Business Service

As someone who regularly consults with new restaurants, and has personally taken the step, as part of a team, to open a new venture in Putney, South London,, my thoughts turned to that thorny question of what makes a restaurant successful. » More

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