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Imbibe Editor

Oz grows old

17-02-2015 | By: Chris Losh | Category: People Wines Australia

A focus on character and regionality will help its performance » More

The spirit of wine

Groundhog Day

09-02-2011 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Opinions Events Wines Australia Tastings

Australia day tasting came upon us again. anyone remember when it was exciting? Remember when there were lots of smaller producers? Remember when the winemakers used to think it important to attend? » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Noble One

17-02-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: White only Australia Video

Met up with a few different sommeliers and asked them "what does boutique mean to you?" Plus a couple of wines from NZ . » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Eileen Hardy Tasting

27-01-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: Matching Red only Australia Video

Huge bundle of joy in this one. 1. Billy Hardy on Eileen Hardy Shiraz. (yes, he's that Hardy!) 2. Donald Edwards talking about the some Oz wines 3. And, a message to all those New World producers. All that in just 3 minutes and 48 seconds. » More

A New York bartender

Egg on your Face

01-02-2010 | By: Naren Young | Category: Australia USA England News Opinions Spirits & Cocktails

On January 18, Audrey Saunders, famed owner of the revered Pegu Club cocktail lounge in Soho, received a visit from the Department of Health (DOH). » More

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