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Imbibe News & Online Editor

An inconvenient vermouth

30-04-2014 | By: Clinton Cawood | Category: Opinions Spirits & Cocktails Business Service Fortified Tastings

Weathering the tidal wave of aromatised wine » More

Peach Pubs

Sherry - The Final Frontera

02-03-2014 | By: Jo Eames | Category: Sherry Spain

It's a classic wine trade conundrum. The things we like to drink, we cannot sell. The things we can sell, we do not like to drink. Take sherry. Please. We beg you. » More

Imbibe Editor

The customer is always...wrong?

25-07-2011 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Service Sherry Venues

When service doesn't stand up to the setting » More

Imbibe Editor

Pass the Pepto bismol

13-10-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Matching Competitions Sherry Tastings

Thirty sherries and thirty courses... another hard day at the office » More

From food to wine

How do you sell Sherry?

06-04-2010 | By: Christine Parkinson | Category: Sherry Spain

Bar Pepito is an offshoot of Richard Bigg's Camino. It's a tiny, brick-walled room, full of atmosphere with bins of Sherry across one end, high stools clustered round barrel-tops, and a simple menu of tapas. » More

The Travelling Sommelier

What did you do over Easter weekend?

05-04-2010 | By: Robert Giorgione | Category: Matching Opinions Sherry

Forget about concerning yourself with "April Fool's" jokes. » More

The Travelling Sommelier

A little slice of Jerez...

29-03-2010 | By: Robert Giorgione | Category: People Sherry Spain Venues

The clinking of copitas, the delicious wafts of the freshly-prepared tapas. It's a warm balmy night in Jerez... » More

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