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Imbibe Editor

The third degree

09-06-2011 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions

Whenever my missus and I go out for a meal it’s like a scene from When Harry Met Sally. » More

The business side of leisure

Alfresco dining – The Outside Scoop.

06-06-2011 | By: Howard Graham | Category: Opinions

The moment the sun comes out in London, high streets are lined with al fresco diners soaking up the rays. Tables and chairs align the streets, immediately adding a touch of summer glamour to even the most dingy areas. The scene could be one from Venice or Monaco, save the passing traffic and noise pollution. » More

Wine & Bread

Apparently it is English Wine Week.

02-06-2011 | By: Garry Clark | Category: Opinions Wines England

What are you doing for English Wine Week? Well probably not much because i will bet that you probably had no idea. » More

Licensing - a cocktail of ideas

To Wee or not to Wee

26-05-2011 | By: Niall McCann | Category: Opinions

As the puddles become ubiquitous... » More

Imbibe Editor

The gospel according to anyone

17-05-2011 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Business Service

Digital media benefits freedom of information, for better or worse, from political uprisings to restaurant reviews. » More

On the rum


13-04-2011 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Opinions Vodka Rum & Cachaca USA England News Russia

On Friday April 1st April 2011, a momentous event was announced but caused a rippling effect within the spirits industry. » More

Leeds bartending

The strawberry daiquiri and other loathsome drinks

31-03-2011 | By: Scott Tyrer | Category: Cocktails Opinions Rum & Cachaca Tastings

There’s a quote from a video on YouTube that I’ve been thinking about lately: “Wankers drink Strawberry Daiquiris.” » More

Wine & Bread

Missing the next big thing?

30-03-2011 | By: Garry Clark | Category: Opinions

Choosing wines for your list can be difficult sometimes. Perhaps we can be a bit too blinkered in our choices and the rationale behind them. » More

The business side of leisure

So is Groupon good for restaurants?

25-03-2011 | By: Howard Graham | Category: Opinions Business Service USA

Groupon have been operating in the US and the UK for some time now, and there is a considerable difference of opinion as to whether or not they represent a good deal for restaurants » More

The spirit of wine

Tasting Psycholgy

21-03-2011 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Opinions Events Tastings

what happens when you tinker with a well trodden format? » More

From food to wine

Is Pinot Grigio really the new Chablis? I hope not

22-02-2011 | By: Christine Parkinson | Category: Opinions Wines

I was in a smart hotel lounge the other day, the sort where wine and snacks are free. The white wine happened to be Chablis:quite a result, I thought » More

Leeds bartending

Hereditary bias

17-02-2011 | By: Scott Tyrer | Category: Opinions Spirits & Cocktails

Working the bar one night and this guy comes in that I’ve seen before a couple of times, he tends to be a little bit loud and garish, taking the notoriety of being part of the bar ‘scene‘ too far, we all know the type. » More

Imbibe Editor

It's open

17-02-2011 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Wines Business Service

Can of worms, Pandora’s box... whatever you want to call it, deciding to write about BYO earlier this month kicked off a fair bit of comment from within the trade » More

Peach Pubs

The iPad cometh?

15-02-2011 | By: Jo Eames | Category: Opinions Service

It was only a matter of time before I was handed my first wine list on iPad. And it happened last week, over lunch at the new Montpelier Chapter in Cheltenham, the hotel formerly known as Kandinsky. » More

A master of wine lists

Wine complaint

14-02-2011 | By: Ronan Sayburn | Category: Opinions People Wines Service

The other day we had a complaint about wine service in one of our hotels, to be honest this is quite rare but i rang the customer to find out what had happened... » More

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