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On the rum

World Class Global Finals...A rum ambassadors view ! Day 0

11-07-2011 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Cocktails Competitions Events Rum & Cachaca People India

Reserve brands are always looking to "raise the bar", when it comes to cocktails, competitions and spiritual events. Here is an insight into one of the world's premiere cocktail competition » More

On the rum

In persuit of the sugarcane spirit

16-02-2010 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Events Rum & Cachaca People Europe

Yeah Yeah. As if it wasn’t enough that I’m frequently in a town near you, because I get to travel around the world spreading the gospel according to rum, I now find myself writing this blog on….you guessed it, RUM !!! Well not only on rum. There are a few other things that catch my eyes, nose and palate while building up my air miles; but the sugarcane spirit is usually paramount » More

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