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Gonzo Cru Classé

The one Bon Jovi moment

24-04-2014 | By: Gergely Barsi Szabó | Category: Opinions People South Africa Red only

Insane Cabernet Franc fuelled ride through the Stellenbosch night » More

Gonzo Cru Classé

Tirol's gold

24-07-2012 | By: Gergely Barsi Szabó | Category: Opinions Wine style Red only Italy

Yet another grape varietal to discover... What happens when a lost World War creates a perfect climate for a spicy red? » More

Peach Pubs

A Tasting Room With A View

21-08-2010 | By: Jo Eames | Category: People Red only Tastings Italy

Will I be denounced in Pseud’s Corner if I say that, just occasionally, it’s possible to taste a wine that, just for a moment, seems to resonate with your soul? Probably. But what the hell? On Tuesday morning, I had a moment. It was in Serralunga d’Alba in the tasting room at Massolino... » More

Peach Pubs

Funny Old Week

19-07-2010 | By: Jo Eames | Category: Languedoc-Rousillon Grenache Red only Rosé only

Two very different Fridays - wine the common thread. » More

Imbibe Editor

Hot Stuff

15-06-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Matching Carmenere Red only Tastings

A mammoth Carmenère and curry matching shows why the grape might have found its calling in life » More

The Travelling Sommelier

Chateau Leoville Barton vertical tasting and dinner with Anthony Barton

09-06-2010 | By: Robert Giorgione | Category: Cabernet Sauvignon Red only Bordeaux

Phew!! What an extremely busy month May was for me this year. Not only did I celebrate my 40th birthday, but also I was involved in many vinous and epicurean shenanigans and activities. Hence, a sincere apology for my belated blog post. They have now been stacking up and my output has been reduced to around one or two a week. I've also started tweeting too! Hmmm...exciting stuff ahead. » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Bordeaux 2000 – Ten Years On

23-03-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Events Red only Tastings Bordeaux

An invitation to taste fifty of the best wines from the iconic 2000 vintage was not too difficult to accept. » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Mature Malbec

01-03-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Competitions Malbec Red only Argentina

Mature Malbec » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Boutique Wineries Tasting

08-02-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: White only Red only New Zealand Video

Met up with a few different sommeliers and asked them "what does boutique mean to you?" Plus a couple of wines from NZ . » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Eileen Hardy Tasting

27-01-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: Matching Red only Australia Video

Huge bundle of joy in this one. 1. Billy Hardy on Eileen Hardy Shiraz. (yes, he's that Hardy!) 2. Donald Edwards talking about the some Oz wines 3. And, a message to all those New World producers. All that in just 3 minutes and 48 seconds. » More

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