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Still in the saddle

Don't Drink Your Heroes.

29-12-2014 | By: Luke Haines | Category: Opinions Rum & Cachaca Service Purées & syrups

After twenty odd years of waiting, I finally get my hands on the toy every barman always wanted... » More

On the rum

World's Best Cocktail Competition?

04-03-2014 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Cocktails Competitions Rum & Cachaca

What do you think is the world's best cocktail competition ? Or what would inspire you to enter one ? » More

On the rum

Rum Crying Wolf !!!

23-04-2013 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Rum & Cachaca South America News

Many people thought that this was anther of my famous April Fools jokes. After Vodkafest & Gannibal, the rum flavoured vodka had duped thousands of people worldwide, no wonder that many people thought that the idea of me venturing down to Antarctica to promote rum was one joke too many.  » More

On the rum

Rum is Fun and Champagne is on the wane according to British shoppers.

14-03-2013 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Rum & Cachaca Champagne Sparkling England News

According to The Office for National Statistics, which bases its monthly calculation of inflation on 700 goods and services throughout Great Britain, Rum is Fun and Champagne is on the wane » More

On the rum

Campari sprints to grab Jamaican gold !!!

03-09-2012 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Rum & Cachaca News Italy

In the year of the Olympics it seems fitting that the Italian spirits company, The Campari Group, won gold by winning the race to the Jamaica gold 1st prize called Appleton Rum. » More

On the rum

My Trojan Horse to Vodka !!!

01-04-2012 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Vodka Rum & Cachaca Business USA England News Russia

Let’s get one thing straight. I DON’T HATE ALL VODKAS » More

On the rum

The Holy Grail of the Far East !!!

27-01-2012 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Opinions Rum & Cachaca Asia News

If you were a Luxury brand owner and there was one country in world that you could wish your brand to be successful in, which country would you choose ?   » More

On the rum

World Class Global Finals...A rum ambassadors view ! Day 0

11-07-2011 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Cocktails Competitions Events Rum & Cachaca People India

Reserve brands are always looking to "raise the bar", when it comes to cocktails, competitions and spiritual events. Here is an insight into one of the world's premiere cocktail competition » More

On the rum


13-04-2011 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Opinions Vodka Rum & Cachaca USA England News Russia

On Friday April 1st April 2011, a momentous event was announced but caused a rippling effect within the spirits industry. » More

Leeds bartending

The strawberry daiquiri and other loathsome drinks

31-03-2011 | By: Scott Tyrer | Category: Cocktails Opinions Rum & Cachaca Tastings

There’s a quote from a video on YouTube that I’ve been thinking about lately: “Wankers drink Strawberry Daiquiris.” » More

On the rum

Raiders of the Lost Rum

12-01-2011 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Rum & Cachaca England

A 200 year old rum discovered in Leeds! » More

Bars & Spirits Editor of Imbibe

Toasting Black Tot Day

30-07-2010 | By: Alice Lascelles | Category: Rum & Cachaca

Now THAT'S what I call a rum with true heritage » More

On the rum

A Judging Opinion

29-03-2010 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Cocktails Opinions Events Rum & Cachaca USA England

This week was all about judging competitions. The weekend started in the sunny surroundings of Puerto Rico, for the annual Taste of Rum festival. » More

On the rum

In persuit of the sugarcane spirit

16-02-2010 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Events Rum & Cachaca People Europe

Yeah Yeah. As if it wasn’t enough that I’m frequently in a town near you, because I get to travel around the world spreading the gospel according to rum, I now find myself writing this blog on….you guessed it, RUM !!! Well not only on rum. There are a few other things that catch my eyes, nose and palate while building up my air miles; but the sugarcane spirit is usually paramount » More

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