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On the rum

Rum Crying Wolf !!!

23-04-2013 | By: Ian Burrell | Category: Rum & Cachaca South America News

Many people thought that this was anther of my famous April Fools jokes. After Vodkafest & Gannibal, the rum flavoured vodka had duped thousands of people worldwide, no wonder that many people thought that the idea of me venturing down to Antarctica to promote rum was one joke too many.  » More

Imbibe Editor

Where condors dare...

10-12-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Wines Chile

I loathe winter in Britain, and I’m not the only one » More

The spirit of wine

What a load of old .............................Tosh

17-09-2010 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Opinions Wines Business Tastings Argentina

I have a feeling I am about to do something Libelous........... » More

Taster, tutor and judge

American Idols

08-06-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Tastings Argentina USA Mexico

A taste of mostly high-end Americans, from both North & South at Bibendum. » More

Taster, tutor and judge

World’s Best Sommelier

18-04-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Competitions People Wines Chile News

He is the epitome of what a sommelier should be » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Mature Malbec

01-03-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Competitions Malbec Red only Argentina

Mature Malbec » More

The Belfast Scene

Tequila workshop

05-02-2010 | By: Sean Muldoon | Category: South America Tequila People

Being completely new to “blogging”, I thought a half decent subject matter for my first attempt might actually be an account of my last week in work.... » More

The spirit of wine

Versatile Chileans

04-02-2010 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Argentina Chile Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay Malbec

I feel I am never going to understand Argentina's approach to making wine. White wines consistently romp in at 14% abv plus, and red wines have such massive extraction and hideous use of oak that you can stand a spoon up in them » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Mexican beginnings

29-01-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Tastings South America Wines

My first proper tasting of the year was – believe it or not – of Mexican wines. Held at Mexican street food joint Wahaca’s Westfield site, we tasted a selection of wines that Hugo d’Acosta – who might be called Mexico’s answer to Michel Rolland – has a hand in making. » More

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