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Taster, tutor and judge

Spain's 'New' Whites

15-03-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Albarino White only Tastings Spain

While red wines tend to dominate our thinking on Spain, the whites get better and better, so this year I decided to focus on whites. » More

Imbibe Editor

Adieu, not au revoir

12-03-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Events Wines Tastings France

On this evidence, France is bidding a final goodbye to the mass market. » More

The Travelling Sommelier

Annual Austrian Wine Tasting

11-03-2010 | By: Robert Giorgione | Category: Opinions Wines Tastings Austria

Why can't more tastings be like this? I thought to myself. I've been attending the Annual Austrian tasting now for the past ten years or so. For me, it is sincerely one of my personal vinous highlights of the year. » More

Imbibe Editor

Next year I’m washing my hair

02-03-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Events People Wines Tastings

Is it me, or are most merchant tastings rubbish? » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Austria Day Tasting 2010

26-02-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: Tastings Video

We grabbed some sommeliers at the Austria day tasting and asked why they put Austrian wine on their lists. » More

From food to wine

Sauvignon Blanc de Loire

22-02-2010 | By: Christine Parkinson | Category: Matching Competitions Business Asia White only Tastings France USA England

Project Sauvignon Blanc de Loire.... I’m sure you all thought ‘Sancerre’ or Pouilly-Fumé when you read that? » More

The Travelling Sommelier

When wine tastes best

05-02-2010 | By: Robert Giorgione | Category: Tastings Wines

Without appearing too controversial, there is a point I would like to make and hopefully 'de-mystify' the whole situation. There has been much spoken and written about biodynamic viticulture. I can hear you thinking and asking what is that all about then? Perhaps, you have heard a wino rant on about it in the papers or read it on some wine expert's tweets or on the back label of a wine bottle » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Mexican beginnings

29-01-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Tastings South America Wines

My first proper tasting of the year was – believe it or not – of Mexican wines. Held at Mexican street food joint Wahaca’s Westfield site, we tasted a selection of wines that Hugo d’Acosta – who might be called Mexico’s answer to Michel Rolland – has a hand in making. » More

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