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The spirit of wine

The BYO Debate

26-03-2010 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Opinions Wines Service

A pain or a useful tool. I wondrer if sommeliers see the value of letting customers bring their own wine to a restaurant? » More

Imbibe Editor

Glass half empty...

26-03-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Wines Service

It’s about time sommeliers ditched their fashionable ennui and took a happy pill » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Bordeaux 2000 – Ten Years On

23-03-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Events Red only Tastings Bordeaux

An invitation to taste fifty of the best wines from the iconic 2000 vintage was not too difficult to accept. » More

The Travelling Sommelier

Guess where?

17-03-2010 | By: Robert Giorgione | Category: Wines

Each week I will be posting a photo of somewhere I have visited on my travels. Answers on a postcard please.... » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Spain's 'New' Whites

15-03-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Albarino White only Tastings Spain

While red wines tend to dominate our thinking on Spain, the whites get better and better, so this year I decided to focus on whites. » More

Imbibe Editor

Adieu, not au revoir

12-03-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Opinions Events Wines Tastings France

On this evidence, France is bidding a final goodbye to the mass market. » More

The Travelling Sommelier

Annual Austrian Wine Tasting

11-03-2010 | By: Robert Giorgione | Category: Opinions Wines Tastings Austria

Why can't more tastings be like this? I thought to myself. I've been attending the Annual Austrian tasting now for the past ten years or so. For me, it is sincerely one of my personal vinous highlights of the year. » More

The spirit of wine

Wine-making underdogs

09-03-2010 | By: Mark Deamer | Category: Opinions People Wines Europe

Now, it has come to my attention that I may have a reputation of being somewhat of an (over) opinionated nay-sayer to some of my colleagues within the industry. » More

Wine & Bread

Getting my house in order

06-03-2010 | By: Garry Clark | Category: Matching Business Wine style

Spring is approaching, the fiscal year is drawing to a close and its time to finish off a few things before the year gets going. » More

From food to wine

Blind food & wine matching?

03-03-2010 | By: Christine Parkinson | Category: Matching People Sparkling Asia Chardonnay USA England

How do you choose wine to match food, if you don’t know what’s on the menu? » More

Imbibe Editor

Next year I’m washing my hair

02-03-2010 | By: Chris Losh | Category: Events People Wines Tastings

Is it me, or are most merchant tastings rubbish? » More

Taster, tutor and judge

Mature Malbec

01-03-2010 | By: Peter McCombie | Category: Competitions Malbec Red only Argentina

Mature Malbec » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Noble One

17-02-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: White only Australia Video

Met up with a few different sommeliers and asked them "what does boutique mean to you?" Plus a couple of wines from NZ . » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Boutique Wineries Tasting

08-02-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: White only Red only New Zealand Video

Met up with a few different sommeliers and asked them "what does boutique mean to you?" Plus a couple of wines from NZ . » More

Wine on Film

VIDEO: Eileen Hardy Tasting

27-01-2010 | By: Louis Villard | Category: Matching Red only Australia Video

Huge bundle of joy in this one. 1. Billy Hardy on Eileen Hardy Shiraz. (yes, he's that Hardy!) 2. Donald Edwards talking about the some Oz wines 3. And, a message to all those New World producers. All that in just 3 minutes and 48 seconds. » More

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