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Abu Dhabi: writing the list

Abu Dhabi. Not a wine destination, but Hakkasan opens there in April, and I’m busy writing the list. Which is a funny way to put it, I suppose, as the writing part doesn’t actually happen until the last minute, just before the list gets printed. What I’m really doing is constructing the list, which means spreadsheets, a pile of importers’ catalogues, about a thousand emails going backwards and forwards and a great deal of frustration. Take today: it’s Friday, which is the weekend in Abu Dhabi. In fact their weekend starts on Thursday lunchtime, but as there’s a 4 hour time difference it might as well start on Wednesday. So no answers to my emails today, then. But looking on the bright side, the limitation of importing from a just a few suppliers means we’ll be working with some new wines, and that means some interesting samples to taste.

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