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Imbibe Editor

Chris Losh

After five years working on My Weekly magazine (during which time he learned how to write horoscopes and make things out of mince) in 1995 Chris Losh entered the world of drinks writing and, despite all advice from his doctor – and the wishes of most South African winemakers – has stayed there ever since. He began on Wine and Spirit International, editing it for several years before moving on to edit Wine Magazine. Both publications have since gone the way of the Dodo, but he claims to have nothing to do with their demise, and his alibi appears solid, since he was freelance writing for anyone who would pay him at the time. In 2007, he helped to set up both Imbibe magazine and the Sommelier Wine Awards, and has spent much of the last three years eating, drinking, and listening to French sommeliers talk about minerality. In 2009 he was shortlisted for the Louis Roederer Feature Writer of the Year, but didn’t win. Perhaps he should have stuck to horoscopes. And mince.

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Imbibe Editor

No tie needed

06-05-2015 | Category: Opinions People Service

Like it or not, the whole on-trade is going to be affected by the trend towards informality » More

Imbibe Editor

Victims of divide and rule

24-03-2015 | Category: Opinions People Business

Focusing on duty is playing into the hands of the politicians » More

Imbibe Editor

Oz grows old

17-02-2015 | Category: People Wines Australia

A focus on character and regionality will help its performance » More

Imbibe Editor

Glowing imperfections

23-01-2015 | Category: Opinions Service

Things go wrong. It’s how you deal with them that counts » More

Imbibe Editor

Table for four? That’ll be £1,000

10-12-2014 | Category: Opinions Business News

Is pre-pay the way to beat no-shows? » More

Imbibe Editor

Fat is an industry issue

10-11-2014 | Category: Opinions Business

Telling people what's in their drinks, calories included, should be an industry priority » More

Imbibe Editor

Let us now praise great lists

26-09-2014 | Category: Opinions People Portugal

It can’t enter WLOTY, but the Yeatman’s wine list in Oporto is a stunner » More

Imbibe Editor

Soft and fruity


Should we make drinks interesting to the industry, or keep things simple for customers? » More

Imbibe Editor

Get off your phone

23-07-2014 | Category: Opinions

Restaurant service is getting slower and experience poorer because of smartphones » More

Imbibe Editor

Take a chance


The other morning I was stumbling around trying to sort out breakfast, clear away the previous night’s old wine glasses » More

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