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Peach Pubs

Jo Eames

Eames has been wine buyer for Peach Pubs since it first opened the doors at the Rose & Crown in Warwick in 2002. Eight years later, Peach has 13 pubs, mainly in market towns across the Midlands and South East, and has won many awards, including Caterer & Hotelkeeper’s Best Places to Work in Hospitality for the last two years. Jo co-owns Peach with partners Lee Cash and Hamish Stoddart. When not wine-tasting or project-managing the development of new sites, she writes. Her novel, The Faithless Wife, will be published in June 2010.

Peach Pubs

Sherry - The Final Frontera

02-03-2014 | Category: Sherry Spain

It's a classic wine trade conundrum. The things we like to drink, we cannot sell. The things we can sell, we do not like to drink. Take sherry. Please. We beg you. » More

Peach Pubs

British Summer Like No Other

14-06-2012 | Category: White only England

I keep reading that this is the moment when English wine finally takes off. The supermarkets are reporting sales increases over the Jubilee of anything between 90% and 300%. There’s definitely real interest, and a growing popular hope that “English wine sparkling” – yes, that episode of The Apprentice helped too – may be another stick we can beat the French with in years to come. » More

Peach Pubs

Pub not going bust shock!

15-05-2012 | Category: People England

If a week is a long time in politics, then ten years is an age (an epoch, an aeon?) in catering. To have survived is a feat, to have prospered and made so many firm friends feels especially lucky. » More

Peach Pubs

Mine's a pint! Hold the menu

07-11-2011 | Category: Opinions Beers

You walk into the pub, tired at the end of a long day, ask the barman for a pint of your favourite and drink it. You feel better. No user name. No password. No toggle. No swipe. No grape variety to mispronounce. No worry over the wrong vintage. No bloody dribble in the bottom of the glass first to pass judgment on. » More

Peach Pubs

Move to Metroland!

17-10-2011 | Category: Business England News

In my carpet-bag of a career, when I’m not buying wine or writing I can be found staring at a dilapidated pub building, wondering how to bring it back to life. And “life” is the word I want, because pubs are not (or shouldn’t be) just buildings. They are first and foremost characters. » More

Peach Pubs

I May Not Know Much...

30-05-2011 | Category: White only

Having spent spent barely ten years educating myself in a certain corner of the wine trade (that is, the wines that suit gastropubs) it was first a shock, and then deliciously amusing to find that maybe, just maybe, that’s an area I now know a bit more about than one of the grand old men. » More

Peach Pubs

The iPad cometh?

15-02-2011 | Category: Opinions Service

It was only a matter of time before I was handed my first wine list on iPad. And it happened last week, over lunch at the new Montpelier Chapter in Cheltenham, the hotel formerly known as Kandinsky. » More

Peach Pubs

Pork to Fork in a Day

29-11-2010 | Category: Events People Business

Finally, the guest of honour. She arrived with Simon in an Aubrey Allen van » More

Peach Pubs

Life Lessons from Lebanon

26-10-2010 | Category: Opinions People Wines

Sitting over lunch at the Massaya winery restaurant at Tanail, in the Bekaa Valley, winemaker Ramzi Ghosn swirled the stunning 2005 Silver Selection in his glass and asked us: “What has been your strongest impression of Lebanon?” » More

Peach Pubs

A Tasting Room With A View

21-08-2010 | Category: People Red only Tastings Italy

Will I be denounced in Pseud’s Corner if I say that, just occasionally, it’s possible to taste a wine that, just for a moment, seems to resonate with your soul? Probably. But what the hell? On Tuesday morning, I had a moment. It was in Serralunga d’Alba in the tasting room at Massolino... » More

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