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Funny Old Week

Two very different Fridays - wine the common thread.  The first, two weeks ago, at lovely independent bookshop Booka Books in Oswestry hosting a Spanish food & wine evening with Adrian Patterson of Tanner's Wines and reading from my new novel, The Faithless Wife, which is set in Menorca. Astonished to find the event sold out, and even more astonished when the whole carton of books I'd staggered in with had been signed and sold and I skipped out into the night happily empty-handed.

A week later I was in the Languedoc for the wedding of my friend and partner in Peach, Lee Cash.  The ceremony takes place on the edge of a vineyard, with veteran hotelier Robin Shepherd officiating, in front of a crowd of dancers (the bride is a senior soloist with the Birmingham Royal Ballet) and caterers.  The dancers dance till dawn.  The caterers do their best to solve the Languedoc-Rousillon wine surplus overnight. 

Before flying home, I sneaked in a visit to Isabelle Coustal at Chateau Ste Eulalie in La Liviniere in the heart of Minervois.  Her rose is very dry, strawberry and raspberry scented, and perfect for this very hot weather (stocked in UK by The Wine Society).  The entry level Minervois, Plaisir d'Eulalie (available from Tanner's), would make a great barbecue wine lightly chilled on a hot night.

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