The Blind Tiger

The Blind Tiger

The Baron

A self-confessed booze hound whose promiscuity leads him from one fleeting spirituous meeting to the next with time and space but an inconvenience to his imbibing. While Madame Genievre remains his favourite he has many a mistress and has been seen recently in the warming arms of Miss Vino Ardens. The Baron resides at the Blind Tiger were he champions libations of the past, where mixed drinks were not random acts of mindless depravity of the socially inept but rather of a artist who but eulogised their muse.

The Blind Tiger

The Medicinal Miracle of Heroic Cures

07-04-2011 | Category: Cocktails Gin

He prescribes a heroic cure - six pints of brandy per day. Water is not an option as it is the evil substance that has given me this frigid disease in the first place. The solution lies in the warming arms of Madame Brandewijn. » More

The Blind Tiger

The End of Binge Britain? An Act to Repress the Loathsome Sin of Drunkenness

05-01-2011 | Category: Opinions Gin Beers Business England News

So the Conservative lead government have an answer to the great British problem of binge drinking. This masterstroke is supposedly encouraged by the previous Labour Government’s policy of late licenses, which, ironically, was initially seen as a solution in itself. » More

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