The economics of alcohol

The economics of alcohol

Angus Winchester

As founder member of one of the first global bar consultancies, and now with his two Alconomics agencies based in London and Hong Kong, Angus has provided on-premise consultancy, profit enhancement advice and training to leading outlets from Washington D.C. to Hong Kong, including the multi-award-winning Salvatore at Fifty (RIP alas) in London, the recently re-opened Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach and the luxury Nimb Bar in Copenhagen. Angus’s current client roster is dominated by the House Of Tanqueray for whom he acts as Global Ambassador (and Gin Genius) but he is also a Vodka Professor, the founder of The Rum Club in the UK and Australia, one of only 100 Tequila Demi Gods worldwide, a Malt Advocate and a Traveling Mixologist. As well as being BAR Ready. His oddly phenomenal grasp of the heart and the heritage of spirits and cocktails is respected by bartending gurus and media around the world. An “Ambassador at Large” for the Museum of the American Cocktail as well as Chanticleer, Angus was a judge and presenter at the 2008 and 2009 Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and has presented at bar shows around the globe. Renowned for his expertise in beverage programming, and his knowledge of cocktails past and present, Angus creates seasonal new drinks, promotes innovative serves based on global intel, and revives long-lost classic creations for today’s demanding modern bartender and intrigued civilians alike. And he shakes a mean cocktail when allowed to… Angus is 40 years old, likes wearing bespoke suits with brightly coloured pocket squares, backgammon and flying business class and , if he ever wins anything he promises he won’t let it change him and will work ceaselessly for child rights and to promote world peace…

The economics of alcohol

The importance of hospitality

05-02-2010 | Category: Opinions Gin People Service

My life is pretty damn good if the truth be told. In the last 3 months I have set up and run a luxury hotel bar and worked 6 shifts a week making and serving drinks to an appreciative crowd » More

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