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Dear Fascist Bully Boy

 Yes! That's what I said. "Bring down the government".  'But why and how?' you ask. 

First the why. Well I seem to be goverment enemy number 1. I, and those like me are apparently bringing the NHS to its knees. Apparently because I consume alcohol and I am over weight the goverment are desperately trying to legislate me into oblivion. 

  Firstly they are trying to price me out of being able to afford alcoholic beverages. That's right they are putting up tax and duty to save us from ourselves. Not specifically targeting promblem areas you understand, such as super strength beers, alcopops, hugely discounted spirits and beers in Super Markets, as they wouldn't want to appear discriminatory. But blanket coverage punishing ......I mean protecting everyone who may be tempted to imbibe. 

However as if that wasn't insentive enough we are being told that should we have the temerity to enjoy the odd alcoholic beverage and end up in hospital as a result of said consumption we should be asked to pay costs in the fututre. Obviously everyone is assuming this will relate to liver transplants and the like. But what if after one sherry too many you trip over the dog and break your arm? Or you forget about the medication you had a few of hours ago. You head out for lunch, you share a bottle of wine and the next thing you know your in the back of an ambulance being rushed off to A&E after a face/pavement interface. Both one off incidences from an otherwise careful and responsible drinker.

 So as a fat drinker (and ex smoker)I will be buggered. I won't be able to pay for any hospital treatments because the bloody Government have taken most of what I have earned in taxation. 

So now the how. I guess you'd be thinking along the lines of mass social disobedience? No my brothers and sisters. I am hear to preach mass social obedience. If the government are using the excuse of social protection through the taxation of our vices, I think we should all, on mass do exactly what they ask (for a period of time like 6 months, I'm not a masochist) We should all think about the stress we put the NHS under. We should all give up alcohol and/or tobacco and become healthy citizens. Ditching our cars in favour of walking or cycling and public transport.

I wonder how long it would take before the goverment would start pleading for us all to become chain smoking alcoholics who each drive a gas guzzling Chelsea tractor (although not under the influence of alcohol) once the tax revenues (parking and congestion charge revenues) stopped coming in and the public transport was brought to a crippling standstill under the weight of an extra few million commuters. And that's how you bring down a goverment. 

 The fact is we already pay for our vices. It's time we stood up to the bully. To call its bluff. Boomshanka

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