Wine & Bread

Wine & Bread

Garry Clark

Currently the sommelier at a five-star hotel in the North West, Garry has previously worked at Gleneagles, Amaryllis (Gordon Ramsay’s Glasgow Restaurant), Malmaison in Glasgow, Hilton Glasgow, and several Moat House Hotels. Wine aside, he’s a keen amateur photographer, a part-time gadget freak and computer geek, and an enthusiastic bread baker. All that and he’s still on the right side of 40 (just!).

Wine & Bread

Standing up for ourselves.

25-08-2013 | Category: Opinions

What do you do when a customer posts a blatently false review online in a bid to blackmail you into some form of recompense. In most cases the answer is roll over and give in to them. For some people though, that isnt acceptable.  » More

Wine & Bread


24-10-2012 | Category: Opinions

» More

Wine & Bread

Things that catch my eye

07-06-2012 | Category: Opinions Business

How does a wine end up being listed? Musings on some of the many ways a wine will catch my attention » More

Wine & Bread

Jolly Boys Outing

25-01-2012 | Category: Italy

One of the perks of this job is the occasional “Educational Visit” aka the Jolly. » More

Wine & Bread

Some sound advice from an expert.

10-11-2011 | Category: Opinions People

Check out this sound advice from one of America's top sommeliers, Levi Dalton. » More

Wine & Bread

Getting a taste for it.

06-10-2011 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey

Its taken nearly twenty years, but it seems i might finally be developing a taste for whisky. » More

Wine & Bread

Apparently it is English Wine Week.

02-06-2011 | Category: Opinions Wines England

What are you doing for English Wine Week? Well probably not much because i will bet that you probably had no idea. » More

Wine & Bread

Missing the next big thing?

30-03-2011 | Category: Opinions

Choosing wines for your list can be difficult sometimes. Perhaps we can be a bit too blinkered in our choices and the rationale behind them. » More

Wine & Bread

Its a new year, but we face the same old challenges

24-01-2011 | Category: Opinions

As we settle in to a new year and a new decade I feel remarkably positive about the year ahead » More

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