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Maker’s Mark announces craft-inspired bartender workshops

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Maker’s Mark
Maker’s Mark, the premium handcrafted American whisky, has announced its UK bartender engagement programme for 2018, The Makers – launching nationwide this August.
Kicking off on the 6th of August in London, The Makers 2018 will roll out across London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol.
Following the success of last year’s workshops, The Makers will once again offer UK bartenders an immersive and educational experience into the world of premium bourbon through a series of intimate, hands-on workshops aimed at providing practical crafts and skills which they can take back to use in their bars.
Each uniquely designed to showcase the handcrafted credentials of Maker’s Mark, the experience will explore the fundamental elements that go into the creation of the liquid by delving into experiences based around wheat, wax, paper and wood. Bartenders interested in building on their knowledge of the bourbon category can sign up, here: www.jointhemakers.com.
Starting in London, The Makers wheat workshop features artisan doughnut making at Bread Ahead lead by renowned baker, Manuel Monade, using the same Red Winter Wheat that gives Maker’s Mark its smooth characteristics and sweet flavour.
The wax workshops will encourage bartenders to personalise wax candles, representing how every single bottle of Maker’s Mark is still hand-dipped in Maker’s signature red wax – an iconic design feature in which every drip is distinctively different.
Partnering with London Print Club, bartenders will create bespoke cocktail mats as part of the paper session, signifying how every Maker’s Mark label continues to be printed and hand-pressed at the distillery.
And finally, each bartender will be given training in how to expertly engrave bar tools as part of the wood workshop. Carving inspired by Maker’s Mark innovative wood stave finishing process to achieve premium taste and consistency.
Amanda Humphrey, Maker’s Mark Brand Diplomat said: “We have a rich history and heritage of doing things differently, so we wanted to move away from traditional bartender training and offer immersive hands on opportunities to understand and experience craftsmanship. These bespoke experiences aim to offer bartenders an insight into the unique process that goes into making each and every bottle of Maker’s Mark.”
Inspired by the distilling process Maker’s Mark has used since its first bottling in 1958, the series of workshops will explore the fundamentals of American whiskey and the four elements that make Maker’s Mark the leading bourbon in its category, welcoming bartenders to #jointhemakers and live by the ‘heart-made, head-made, hand-made’ mantra.
The Maker’s Workshops are running from 6th August in London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol.
For more information on dates for the workshops and how to sign up please visit: www.jointhemakers.com
August – London – Wheat
August – Manchester – Wax
September – Manchester – Wheat
September – Edinburgh – Wax
September – London – Paper
October – London – Wax