Sommelier Wine Awards: Wines of the Year 2011

This year’s Imbibe Live event at Earls Court saw over two dozen sommeliers tasting some of the topwines from this year’s Sommelier Wine Awards competition to find out which bottles received the ultimate accolade. Chris Losh recorded the results

As part of this year’s Sommelier Wine Awards competition, for the first time ever we introduced a kind of ‘best of the best’ classification, selected by tasting wines that had already won Gold in this year’s competition. As with every other part of SWA, the Wines of the Year, as we called them, would be chosen by sommeliers. And where better place to do it, we thought, than at our very own Imbibe Live show at Earl’s Court 2. 

In keeping with the practical nature of the competition, the Wines of the Year were to be awarded in four areas: House Wine, Fine Wine, Gastropub Wine and overall Wine of the Year. Some of the tasters were pre-booked, others dropped in on the day. All tasted the wines blind and all were asked to score the wines out of 20. When all of the marks had been handed in, we went through the scores to find the wines that had scored the best. 

These wines, if you like, represent the very pinnacle of the competition: to have got this far when the total number of entries exceeded 1,500 is truly exceptional.

If you would like to be considered as a taster for next year’s Sommelier Wine Awards, please email your details to Chloé Kingham:

Editorial feature from Imbibe Magazine – September/October 2011

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