Freelance Bartender?

Charlie P.
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Charlie P. 29-05-2013

We know what it is like being damn good in the service industry whether it be in waiting the hell out of a table or being able to make a face meltingly good cocktail and still only scrapping by with the bills. So we invented for when you need to pick up a shift or two through out the week.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of head on over to and register your email, as soon as we are up and running (with in the next few months) we will give you a shout, so you can set up a profile and start getting some shifts.


Captain of the Freelancebartending ship

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Christie M.
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Christie M. 19-06-2013

Hey Charlie P,

Could you tell us more about how you guys are running this? Is there a fee or cut taken as with an agency? Are you planning on vetting us so that you're only circulating top quality staff and giving them gigs in good digs? Or otherwise?

I'd like to know more about you guys and what your up to. I've already joined the mailing list, get in touch if you want so feedback or need any help.

Christie Murphy

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Mickey P.
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Mickey P. 19-07-2013

Hi Charlie,

Have kept an eye on this post, and have registered with yourselves… just wondering if there has been any advance on this.

Any update would be good, and of course if there is anything you think I could do to help, please do let me know.



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Cocktaliens 04-08-2013


noticed that there wasn't a reply to this topic for a while, is this still ongoing? In the mean time, bartenders looking for extra work should check my website and get in touch with a CV. Thanks

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