shery off the radar

Katherine M.
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Katherine M. 08-11-2011

Hi Chris (Losh) left comments under the article but dont know if you have received them. not very computer literate – sorry! dont know either if this will get to you and all
my sherry and fortified wine questions? Katherine

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Roger S.
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Roger S. 20-11-2012

I was just about to write a follow-up when I noticed the posting was for 2011. And I thought its a good topic anyway so how can we get Sherry back on the radar – especially as its coming up to the season when Sherry is brought out from the back of the cupboard…

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Marcin S.
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Marcin S. 26-02-2013

It is growing in the premium sector~

See the Spanish Bars and Tapas places all over the place.
Sherry is very happy with food so restaurants need to follow.

The best way is to drink some and make sure Finos are served well chilled and other styles cold or cool not warm like many places do it…
Imagine drinking warm white wine or even red is not very pleasant.

Bar Pepito is great for that.

Sherry cocktails etc.

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