We are happy to announce that Club-Mate is available in the UK and we already started to supply some London's venues.

Club-Mate is a caffeinated carbonated maté-extract beverage made by the Loscher Brewery (Brauerei Loscher) in Germany. Club-Mate is popular for its relatively high caffeine content (20 mg per 100 ml) and low sugar content compared to other beverages and energy drinks.
Club-Mate became well known in the Berlin's club scene during the 90’s as an alternative to unhealthy energy drinks. It is very popular amongst people involved in science and cultural projects and very appreciated by artistic environments.
It is very important that Club-Mate is an ecological and organic product. Club-Mate is based on natural ingredients and due to environmental problems is available only in glass bottles.
Club-Mate is distributed in over 30 countries around the world and every year this fantastic beverage is being sold in large quantities.