Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Natasha D.
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Natasha D. 25-10-2011

I'm doing research into non-alcoholic drinks for adults and was wanting to receive feedback as to which drinks are popular with adults who don't want alcohol or have .5% or less alcohol content. This would include beers, wines etc.

Have you any recommendations?


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Max L.
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Max L. 02-11-2011

Non alcoholic drinks are interesting.

People vary on their choices depending on the situation they are in,

For example, sometimes in an important party people still like to look as though they are drinking and enjoying themselves but don't want to look a fool the next day and will ask for a cocktail that looks like a cocktail but with no alcohol, i.e a plain tonic with a slice of lime or a virgin mojito etc.

Women who are pregnant, I find, still like to think that they are drinking and so will ask for a drink which allows them to feel they are socialising. The glassware is important for this and many women ask for virgin mimosas or bellinis or even just lemonade in a champagne flute. I findd women on dates ask for this kind of drink as well.

People on holiday relaxing in the sun tend to be a bit more adventurous and like the physical appearance in addition to the thirst quenching properties of the cocktail. Any kind of fruit juice or combination of flavours presented in a stylish glass will usually keep the customer happy.

Drivers again want to feel they are joining in with the festivities and celebrations and are sometimes left short handed in terms of drinks offered to them at parties or bars. The only non alcoholic beer I would ever reccomend is Erdinger non-alcoholic. It tastes exactly the same as a premium European lager and is even used by some athletes for it's nutritional values.

Other specific low – alcohol at around 2.5% to 4% are great drinks like Stiegl Radler a grapefruit beer from Austria which is great in the sun and also Moscato an elegant and refreshingly crisp sparkling wine from Italy.

Lager shandies and white wine spritzers are still the drinks of choice for people who still want to drink but want to make sure they last the evening.

I hope this helps


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Nicholas M.
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Nicholas M. 13-12-2011

Hi Natasha

How about Eisberg Dealcoholised Wine.
Check their website:

We at Chalié Richards sell it into the multiples and it is brand leader in it's category and is doing extremely well in the No Alcohol wine market.



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Virgin C.
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Virgin C. 31-07-2012


We have a website dedicated to non-alcoholic drinks for grown-ups at

We're small, but growing, and just about to add more beers, wine, sodas, mocktails etc

/Virgin Cocktails

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Ozzati 23-08-2012

This is a drink created just for adults and is non alcholic, its a pure innovasion in the drinks industry!

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The Olive Oil Man
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The Olive Oil Man 05-03-2013

Hi Natasha

We have launched a very adult beverage Oliviva Olive Leaf tea

It has a wonderful fresh grapefruit notes when lightly steeped and when steeped longer the flavour moves onto aromatic bitters! A little like Pink Gin without the gin!
Also delicious cold with a slice of lime or lemon

Look out for the next Imbibe edition there is an editorial write up. Trade enquiries welcome.

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Carrycash 03-06-2013

Hey Natasha
we have a website dedicated in which their are all types of drinks are available.Non-alcoholic drinks are very interesting for the teenagers and not to very harmful for our body.Just click cash n carry your drinks very easily by online.


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Seuisdead I.
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Seuisdead I. 08-07-2013

Hey Natasha.

I did a bit of reasearch on non alcoholic drinks and i did find a great catalogue. You can check it out at

I'm not sure if thats what you looking for, but there you can find a good colection of alcohol-free wines, beers and beverages!

Hope that helps,


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