Sommelier stories

Robert  G.
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Robert G. 25-02-2010

As some of you may already know, I am in the process of writing a book. Please send your stories by e mail to me at

Many thanks

Robert Giorgione

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Mike 11-04-2010


I have a very good one for you.
We could meet up very soon around a glass of wine.
Speak to you soon.

Mikael Hannequin
Le Boudin Blanc
0207 499 3292

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Ryan O.
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Ryan O. 09-01-2012

A friend told me this story which I still find quite funny today. The friend is also a young guy and getting his feet wet in the wine industry. Very passionate about his wines and learning as much as he can. The story however… This took place at the old parsonage hotel in Oxford My collegue had taken his girlfriend there as a last dinner together before she left to work abroad.. After sitting down at there table ''Charles'' was looking through the wine list.. he asked the waiter if they had a Sommelier the waiter leaned over him and quickly ran his finger down the wine menu and said no Sir we don't have that wine!! Well worth the trip to Oxford he says!! Good Luck with your book.

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