Cadello brings flavour fusion to Imbibe live

As always, Imbibe Live is proud to welcome a host of new products for the great and the good of the on-trade to get excited about and, of course, taste.

One intriguing launch making its show debut is Cadello, from Gruppo Cadoro GmbH; a premium spirit which claims to define a category of its own.

The burgeoning brand has created a recipe that celebrates intercontinental ties. Eight ingredients from Italy and the old Chinese Silk Route are infused, distilled and blended by Italian master distillers. The liquid is then aged in French oak for depth, complexity and smoothness.

It comes in at 33% abv and boasts a long finish with notes of coffee, chocolate, star anise and vanilla, with hints of hazelnut, mint and toffee.

‘For three years, Distilleria Pisoni has worked closely with Gruppo Cadoro to create something particularly special and unique,’ said Elio Pisoni, president of the Distilleria F lli Pisoni.

‘We are proud of our role to now give birth to Cadello so that it may be enjoyed and savoured by consumers all over the world.’

Available in 500ml bottles, the packaging reflects the product’s Italian and Chinese heritage. Cadello’s logo comprises the head of a dragon and the tail of a Venetian gondola while the number 88 represents the liquid’s eight ingredients and, in China, is said to symbolise fortune, good luck and double joy.

It’s recommended on ice or in cocktails, so head down to stand A123 at Imbibe Live to see how it could work for you. Register for the show here.