‘Best lager of 2017’ Hofmeister returns to Imbibe Live

Visitors to last year’s Imbibe Live may have been pleasantly surprised to come across Hofmeister Helles Lager, the popular beer of the 80s and 90s, revamped for modern drinkers.

And after making its big comeback at the 2017 show, it went on the be crowned best lager of the year in The Beer Awards – the Oscars of the global brewing industry. Well, what can we say?

The decision of a small group of beer enthusiasts to revive the brand after 14 years paid off in style. Hofmeister fought off multinational brewers to claim the title, and it’s also the first lager to receive five stars – meaning judges believe it sets the standard for the category.

The new Hofmeister is completely different to the mass volume standard lager in its 1990s pomp, but many will remember the brand well, thanks in no small part to George the Bear, the brand mascot, and the ‘Follow the Bear’ tagline.

The Helles style is a far cry from the German pilsner style which has dominated the German beer category. The lighter Bavarian style draws millions to Munich every year for Oktoberfest, and Hofmeister Brewing Company co-founders Richard Longhurst and Spencer Chambers spotted a gap in the UK market.

‘We did not just want to bring back a famous beer brand. We wanted to reinvent it for beer drinkers who are looking for authentic, craft beers with genuine provenance,’ said Longhurst.

This means it’s made following Germany’s 1516 Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law which states only three ingredients can be used in the brewing process – in this case Hallertau hops, natural spring water and local barley.

Expect a bright, clean and easy-drinking lager, with fruity notes and well as lightly toasted white bread. Try it at Imbibe Live Stand B110. Register for your Imbibe Live ticket here.