Lilley’s Cider launches two new flavours

The age-old farmhouse cider tradition is as strong as ever in Somerset, home of Imbibe Live exhibitor Lilley’s Cider.

But as apples (and pears) continue to enjoy a moment in the sun, with a greater diversity of styles available than ever before, the father and son team at Lilley’s are keen to keep experimenting and embrace the thirst for new flavours. 

Fruit-driven cider’s popularity has inspired the two new flavours in Lilley’s range: elderflower and tropical. 

The former is produced using an infusion of the flowers, resulting in a lighter, more delicate take on this summer classic. 

And tropical promises to be a bright and balanced cider in which the four exotic fruits used in production shine through equally.

As cider’s popularity carries on growing, Lilley’s is also promoting the idea of cider as a year-round beverage; not just to be drunk during the summer months. The key, it says, is to think inside the box. 

It believes bag in box ciders, whose presence behind bars has been a massive contributor to ‘real’ cider’s revived popularity, offer a great way to attract more cider drinkers – new and old. 

A product which is easy and convenient to use, produces minimal waste and creates a point of sale in itself, bag in box cider has grown in popularity and now occupies 70% of Lilley’s own output. 

Lilley’s wants to raise a glass to the apple with Imbibe Live visitors, so head to stand F14 to check out the range. Register for your ticket here.