Brooklyn Brewery’s Scorcher IPA launches in two formats

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Location: USA

Brooklyn Brewery’s Scorcher IPA will be on draught in a pub or bar near you for the first time this spring.

Brewed with Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade and Bravo hops, the 4.5% abv India Pale Ale is currently only available in bottle. Can formats and 30 litre keg will also be arriving in the UK this April.

‘It’s funny to note that we actually first released Scorcher in 2004,’ brewmaster, Garrett Oliver said. ‘At the time, most people seemed to only want massive IPAs but other brewers were really big on Scorcher.

‘Fast-forward to 2017 and we’ve updated the beer with even brighter hop notes and it’s now our go-to beer for barbecue food and evenings out in the pub.’

Brooklyn Brewery says its mission is to brew flavourful beers that reflect and enrich the life, traditions and culture of creative communities worldwide.

Carlsberg UK has held the exclusive distribution of the Brooklyn Brewery beer portfolio in the UK since January.

‘Building wider interest and access to Brooklyn Brewery’s craft beer portfolio in the on-trade is a priority for us as a brewer this year, where it complements our premium beer portfolio,’ Liam Newton, vice president of marketing at Carlsberg UK, added.

‘We’re thrilled to be able to introduce Scorcher into the on-trade on draught and into the on and off-trade in cans for the first time in the UK, building on its existing popularity as a quality bottled beer.’

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