CAMRA names Siren’s Broken Dream breakfast stout Champion Beer of Britain 2018

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Broken Dream, a 6.5% breakfast stout from Siren, the five-year-old Finchampstead brewery in Berkshire, was the adventurous choice for CAMRA’s 2018 Champion Beer of Britain, announced at the Great British Beer Festival.

Following a year’s worth of judging with beers proposed by CAMRA’s national networks of branches and festivals, final judging saw Broken Dream push Ripper, a typically well-hopped 8.5% barley wine from Green Jack in Suffolk, into silver position, and Mordue’s Workie Ticket complex, multi-layered bitter into bronze.

A mixture of dark chocolate, coffee and soft, milk chocolate flavours with a whiff of smoke and a long, luxuriant dark chocolate finish, Broken Dream is available in cask, keg and bottle.

Designated a ‘breakfast stout’ on account of having all the breakfast ingredients in the recipe – lactose and oats as well as coffee – Broken Dream has been part of Siren’s core range from the start.

While Siren is known for its experimentation, cask remains vital to the business.  ‘Cask beer was how I got interested in beer in the first place,’ said founder Darrol Anley. ‘So, for me, cask beer is a great format for showcasing beer.’

Great care is taken by Anley and head brewer Kyle Larsen in choosing both which coffee to use – this batch’s blend is from Climpson & Sons – and the process by which it is included in the production process.

Siren launched Project Barista in 2017, crafting four beers using different coffees and processes. The 2018 series followed on with a further quartet, with beers including CapHeine, an hibiscus-infused coffee sour, and Affogato, a coffee and ice cream ale.

Today’s production stands at 14,000hl (2.7m pints/year), with 20% going to 14 countries overseas.

Aside from brewing more Broken Dream to cope with anticipated demand, next on the cards is the imminent trade launch of Hop Fizz, a Brut IPA.

Originally an innovation from the West Coast of the US, brut IPAs are super dry versions of IPAs. Also, 25 August 2018 will see the last launch of Rainbow, the seven-strong annual collaborative initiative begun back in 2013 by Siren, with British brewers teaming up with breweries from around the world.

Broken Dream, 6.5% abv,, 0118 973 0929


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