Demand for cask beer is higher than ever, says Thornbridge Brewery

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Derbyshire-based craft brewery Thornbridge has announced that demand for its cask beer has never been higher, despite recent reports of cask’s decline in popularity.

Thornbridge has been making and championing cask beer since its foundation in 2005, with renowned brews like its flagship Jaipur IPA. It’s not the first brewery in recent months to claim that cask beer is on the verge of a revival.

‘There is an unfortunate stigma around cask beer that it’s all flat, brown ale with no flavour, which in reality couldn’t be further from the truth,’ said Simon Webster, chief executive officer of Thornbridge Brewery.

In response to the high demand for its cask beer over the past few years, Thornbridge has expanded by installing extra fermentation vessels and increasing its production schedule to keep up with the orders.

According to Thornbridge, the key to helping the category thrive is innovation, which the brewery pursues through its ever evolving Lucaria series.

‘We are constantly evolving our cask beer range. In the last year we’ve brewed everything from a jasmine and orange pale to a flat-white pale ale, as well as developing a series of ice-cream porters which have all been incredibly received,’ said Webster.

‘This year, we’re looking forward to bringing some old favourites back to cask such as Chiron and AM:PM as well as developing more new and exciting styles.’

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