Foster’s gets on-trade refresh

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Location: Europe

Heineken has refreshed the on-trade look of Foster’s in response to consumer feedback.

The brand’s instantly recognisable lettering has been given a more premium feel and the word ‘crafted’ has been made more prominent.

‘This isn’t a reaction to some of the press we have just seen on Carling,’ Paul Gordon, Heineken trade marketing manager said. ‘These are our own ideas that we have put in place and been working on for the past 12 months.’

Foster’s accounts for one in four classic lagers sold in the UK-on trade, Gordon said. ‘Classic lager is a huge category. It’s still absolutely huge and 57% of all lager sold is Foster’s.

‘It’s really huge and really important that we understand these consumers and have the right brand to relate.’

The Heineken team said it asked its consumers and they didn’t hold back. ‘We have listened and we have had some quite constructive feedback from them.

‘It has been really key for us that when we redevelop Foster’s we keep our credentials. We want to make sure the refreshment comes through, the quality comes through and the heritage comes through.’

The refreshed, premium Foster’s will begin to roll out in the on-trade from April.

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