Fuller’s unveils London Pride Unfiltered

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Fuller’s iconic London Pride has been joined by a sibling in the shape of London Pride Unfiltered, a 4.1% beer available in keg and can.

Unfiltered uses the same recipe as the original London Pride, with a touch more dry-hopping in the closing stages. The beer is neither filtered nor pasteurised, with the live yeast removed prior to kegging thanks to the recent arrival of a German-engineered centrifuge costing north of £100,000.

Fuller'sWith a gently discernible malt base alongside traditional British hop notes and a refreshing, gentle sparkle, head brewer Georgina Young says that using a centrifuge rather than filtering or pasteurising results in ‘additional flavour’ which gives ‘more of the traditional character that you have in the cask beer than in the conventional London Pride keg version’.

Brewing director John Keeling suggests serving Unfiltered around 6°C rather than the 12°C the cask London Pride is dispensed at. Commenting on how the beer evolves as it warms during drinking, Keeling says it becomes ‘more interesting at the bottom of the glass than at the beginning’.

Despite being less than 9% of the total beer market, CGA Research shows that kegged beer (as oppose to kegged lager) has grown by over 50% year on year.

Rather than cannibalising sales of its original London Pride, Fuller’s hope is that this beer will reach both new consumers – they are targeting the younger drinker – and different occasions. ‘I would like to see every four or five star hotel selling it,’ said Keeling.

A limited batch of cans has been produced to celebrate the launch, with the prospect of further consignments down the line.

Fuller’s, customerservices@fullers.co.uk

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