Lowlander launches two lower-alcohol ‘botanically-infused’ beers

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Amsterdam-based brewer Lowlander is tapping into the lower-alcohol market with the launch of two beers, both sitting at 2.5% abv.

Dubbed ‘botanical infusions’, the beers marry tea, beer and a variety of fruits, herbs and spices. Both are made using Lowlander’s self-styled ‘botanical brewing’ methods – the company gains inspiration from the ingredients used in gin and genever (Dutch gin) distilling.

The first flavour Yuzu & Grapefruit combines gose beer, Earl Grey tea and the eponymous fruits; the second, Ginger & Kaffir Lime, layers Darjeeling tea, ginger, cardamom and kaffir lime leaves over a wheat beer base.

‘I thought, what if we take botanical brewing to the next level and use natural ingredients like herbs, spices and fruit to drive flavour delivery, and the beer is there but in more of a supporting role,’ explained founder and ‘chief botanical officer’ Frederik Kampman.

‘We can offer the refreshment of a beer, combined with the full flavour character of a non-alcoholic craft soda.’

The two new botanical beers follow Lowlander’s launch of four ales to the UK earlier this summer.

2.5% abv, RRP£2.99/330ml, 10 Degrees C, 01442 863 661

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