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No, we’re not talking about our staple British beverage, we’re talking about something a little stronger: Traditional English Ale.

With the aim of updating its brand while retaining its heritage, Hogs Back is launching a new design for its flagship Traditional English Ale.

From early next month, the new TEA design will be introduced onto pump clips, bottles and POS. We’re assured it will keep the well-known Hogs Back hog, but the design has been ‘pared down’ to create a slicker and (what Hogs Back hopes will be) a more impactful look.

The first beer brewed at Hogs Back Brewery, TEA is a full-bodied bitter made from 100% Surrey Fuggles hops.

‘Making changes to TEA was something we approached with great caution; drinkers across Surrey and beyond have huge affection for the brand and its popularity has been integral to the brewery’s success since its foundation 25 years ago,’ said Hogs Back managing director, Rupert Thompson.

‘However, the character of Hogs Back Brewery has evolved over the last few years as we’ve launched new beers such as Hogstar English Craft Lager, London’s Outback and Montezuma’s Chocolate Lager, together with new packaging formats including keg and cans.

‘Updating TEA, our most widely-distributed brand, immediately modernises the brewery’s image overall, and ensures all our beers communicate our positioning as a contemporary, innovative craft brewery with a rich brewing heritage.

‘This builds on a recent growth in TEA sales, which may be a sign that more pubs are recognising that excessive brand rotation can turn off customers who want at least one or two well-known and consistent local beers that they can trust.’

The new packs will be advertised in a press and poster campaign later this year.

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