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Location: England, Europe
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In the depths of East London there’s been a rather exciting new opening. Duke’s Brew & Que slings sliders and shortribs, not a million miles away from a certain super-hot Soho joint, but crucially, it takes bookings.

Also, there’s a microbrewery attached (the brilliantly named Beavertown Brewery), there have been whispers of a forthcoming smoked porter, and it’s co-owned by Robert Plant’s son.

Did we mention The Hangover Club that it hosts at the weekend? Well, there are pitchers of Bloody Mary, ice-cold beers and an American-style brunch on offer, which includes a three-egg, pork belly omelette. We can’t imagine a better way to forget a hellish Friday or Saturday night service.

Duke’s Brew & Que, 33 Downham Road, London, N1 5AA; 020 3006 0795

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