An excellent vintage

Drinks: Beers
Location: England, Europe

The UK’s first vintage beer list is at Michelin-starred Quilon in London.

The list includes eight vintages of Fuller’s Vintage Ale, starting from 1999. Gale’s Prize Old Ale 2008 is also on the list.

The restaurant is already known for its international beer lists, as well as five- and eight-course beer menus paired with south-west coast Indian dishes.

Chef Sriram Aylur comments: ‘We are already selling an average of seven bottles a day and I really hope that other British brewers will see the gastronomic potential of laying down vintage beers. They are being sipped not just as digestifs, but as aperitifs as well – and they are appealing particularly well to visiting brewers and to our international customers from India, Europe and Scandinavia.’

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