Japanese tapas trend

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There was once a time when the word ‘tapas’ was the reserve of Spanish restaurants serving small dishes of polpo and patatas bravas alongside their finos.

Everyone is at it these days: London contains innumerable restaurants serving an international array of tapas – mostly Spanish, yes, but there’s Indian, Italian and Argentinean out there too. Of course, the Spanish weren’t the first to think of feasting on small plates of food while they enjoyed a drink; Venetian’s have always enjoyed cicchetti; Argentinian’s picada; and Japanese izakaya. And it’s the latter that has just sprung up in the existing lunchtime eatery Mushu. Serving up fast and fresh oriental food by day, this clean and contemporary Warren Street café is lowering the lights by night and adapting it’s dumpling and noodle-heavy menu to offer much of the same fare, in smaller portions that are fit for sharing. Additional dishes on the evening menu include fresh sushi and tempura, alongside the already popular by day, Beijing ‘water’ dumplings & pot-stickers, Korean kimchi and edamame with hot pepper flakes.

Alcoholic drinks on offer include a modest selection of Japanese beers, some Chilean reds and an Italian and New Zealand white, some sake (both hot and cold) and several cocktails featuring the likes of plum wine, lychee juice and sake. Soft drinks include a Taiwanese soy bean drink and some pretty flowering teas.

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