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Fuller’s is the latest brewer to enter the trendy IPA market with its Bengal Lancer, available bottle-conditioned at 5% abv or in cask at a slightly more racy 5.3% abv. It will be sold as a seasonal beer to free-trade customers from March.

Head brewer John Keeling said: ‘Our seasonal ales programme is an opportunity for the brewing team to give customers a taste of something a little different. We were inspired by the flavours that brewers working 200 years ago would have tasted in their IPA and have tried to use ingredients as close to the varieties of the time as we could source.’

The west London brewer has also released the 2008 vintage of its Gale’s Prize Old Ale. This beer is brewed only once a year and released after 18 months’ maturation, and will take much more cellar age.

Fuller’s, 020 8996 2000

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