Release the mongoose

Drinks: Beers
Location: England, Europe, India

Following a successful trial in London and the South East in the last year, Wells & Young’s is now launching its Mongoose beer brand nationally.

The beer’s label includes the prominent image of a mongoose holding a limp-looking cobra in its jaws – something that might be based on real-life abilities of the mongoose, but says rather more about certain competitor brands it’s intending to take on. Mongoose is based on an original Indian recipe developed over 15 years ago. Of course, Charles Wells brewed Cobra for some time, starting in 1997.

As part of the launch, the beer was served at a dinner held at Quilon in London, attended by head chef and current All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group Beer Drinker of the Year Sriram Aylur, and Wells & Young’s head brewer Jim Robertson, among others. The dinner aimed to show Mongoose’s versatility with an array of Indian dishes, as well as that of selected other beers in the brewer’s portfolio.

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