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The company responsible for importing US craft beers including Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has started its own British microbrewery. Vertical Drinks has established the Kirkstall Brewery in Leeds and is producing a range of cask ales including Three Swords, Kirkstall Pale ale, Black Band Porter and Dissolution IPA.

The intention is eventually to experiment with American style beers using ingredients from the Sierra Nevada hop-store.

“We haven’t done that yet because we’ve been brewing at capacity from the word go to satisfy local demand,” said Vertical managing director Steve Holt. “We don’t want to get too big too soon because we want to get the quality right and the name established rather than just chase volume.

‘But when the time is right we already have the distribution set-up with Vertical Drinks which is unusual for a microbrewer.’

Vertical Drinks 0113 345 8835

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