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After acquiring Cornish brewery Sharp’s in February this year, Molson Coors have demonstrated just how serious they are about growing the brand, announcing plans to roll out a £5m investment programme over the next three years. Mark Hunter, CEO of Molson Coors (UK & Ireland) remarked: ‘The beer industry is under great strain with breweries closing down across the country but we envisage great things for Sharp’s Brewery. The team at Sharp’s have a passion for brewing beer of the highest quality. This is an exciting new chapter and this investment will help the Sharp’s brands realise their full potential.’

The cash injection will pay for an upgrade to the water treatment plant, the addition of extra fermentation vessels and a new packaging area. These improvements will allow the brewery to meet the ever-increasing demand for their product and to maintain their impressive rate of expansion, which has seen Sharp’s Doom Bar become the top-selling cask brand in the South West and Wales, and the fastest growing in Greater London.

Stuart Howe, Head Brewer at Sharp’s commented: ‘This is great news for Sharp’s Brewery. Production capacity represents the biggest constraint to exceptional growth and this investment will serve two purposes: to meet immediate demand and support the growth of great beers that continue to capture the attention of drinkers up and down the land.’

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