Westons adds cherry cloudy cider to its Rosie’s Pig festival range

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Tuning into the continued growth in fruit ciders, particularly those with a purple hue, Westons has added a cherry flavour cloudy cider to its Rosie’s Pig festival range.

Rosie’s Pig Rusted Wheel includes English cherry juice and comes in at a sessionable 4% abv. It will initially be available in 10-litre bag-in-box.

Guy Lawrence, fourth-generation cidermaker, said it’s all about the flavour when it comes to the new variant.

Other changes announced include a fresh-looking label revamp for Westons’ Wyld Wood Organic Cider, which taps into the growing number of younger consumers embracing this approach.

Millennials might only make up 29% of the population, but those aged between 18-34 guzzle 36% of the cider consumed in Blighty, according to the Westons Cider Report.

While happy to flit between different drinks categories, millennials are also more likely to moderate their drinking. A whopping 37% of them took part in Dry January, and a quarter of those under 25 are teetotal.

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