Prosecco gets ready for its best harvest to date

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Yet another beneficiary of heatwavemageddon has come forward as the Italian DOC of Prosecco announces it is anticipating one of its best harvests to date.

The year didn’t start so favourably for the consortium, with unusually cold temperatures worrying the region’s thousands of growers. However as temperatures soared across the summer, president of the consortium Stefano Zanette described the current conditions for the grapes as ‘perfect’.

With things slowly cooling across Europe, the recent light rain and dip in temperatures were also met favourably by prosecco growers as the colder nights broaden the gap between day and night temperatures. This, says Zanette, helps ‘augment the aroma and will enhance the quality of the grapes’.

Currently the harvest is set to begin any day now and, with the help of that cooler weather, the growers are confident they’ll be picking grapes of the best flavour and acidic profile.

What gets picked at this imminent harvest will be on the shelves at the end of the year in the UK, meaning all those festive bubbles will be even tastier.

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