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The service industry is a noble calling, but if you want to use your profession to make even more of a difference, you could do worse than get involved with Bartend Against Bombs.

Bartend Against BombsSet up by Chester bartender Calum Adams, joined by fellow bartender Ben Iles, the initial idea behind Bartend Against Bombs was a straightforward one. In November, venues put a jar on the bar (#jaronmybar for the hashtag-inclined), allowing bartenders to donate whatever percentage of tips they choose, and proceeds go to WarChild UK.

The first year they pulled in £7,000 for the charity. Last year that number jumped to £10,000, with 50 bars around the country getting involved. Events pulled in an additional £5,000 (and counting – there’s a cocktail comp today at Liquor & Co in Chester). There are t-shirts and hoodies. They’ve got the support of a spirit company. The pair even earned themselves a mention in the Houses of Parliament late last year.

Adams and Iles have plans to continue to expand the campaign this year. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and let them know you’re keen to help out – or just hit the JustGiving page. It won’t be long before it’s once again time to drop tips not bombs, and the ambition is to take the whole thing international this year.

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