Chivas Regal launches first blended malt whisky

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The House of Chivas Regal has paid tribute to its five generations of master blenders with the launch of Chivas Regal Ultis, its first ever blended malt whisky.

The malts come from five Speyside distilleries: Tormore, which brings citrus character to the blend; Longmorn, which is creamy in character; a fruity and saline Strathisla; a spicy Allt-a-Bhainne and a honeyed Braeval.

The result is a well-rounded and easy-drinking whisky, with aromas of orchard fruit, honey, cinnamon and vanilla fudge. On the palate it’s a satin-smooth dram, with peach, pink grapefruit and caramel up front, a vanilla heart and a touch of salinity with some numbing spice coming through on the end.

‘Our master blenders have been at the heart of Chivas Regal since 1909, during which time only five men have spent their life’s work mastering our famous house style: Charles Howard, Charles Julian, Allan Baillie, Jimmy Lang and Colin Scott,’ said Magin Trewhella, head of marketing for dark spirits at Pernod Ricard UK.

‘In celebration of their dedication and talent, we have hand-selected only five of our most precious signature single malts – each one to honour the legacy of five generations of blending excellence. The treasured single malts are distilled exclusively in copper pot stills and the result is an exceptional luxury whisky with complex flavours, a glorious golden hue and a commanding, rich aroma.’

Global brand ambassador Maximilian Warner has chosen six cocktails for the new whisky, five of which are classics, or twists on classics, each designed to bring out one of the single malts. The other is a new cocktail, Ultis Night, which comes with its own bespoke glassware, to help push it in high-end bars and nightclubs.

chivas-regal£180, Pernod Ricard UK, 020 8538 4484

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