July/August 2012

Drinks: Drinks
Other: People, Venues
Bartenders v Sommeliers: just like Rumble In The Jungle, but with barspoons, Chablis and gin
Hamish Anderson takes a moment to remember some oft-overlooked classics. The Stick stands up to big-brand propaganda, and Ryan Chetiyawardana puts modern gadgetry in its place
Uco Valley: Higher, cooler, better. If you know only one Argie sub-region, make it this one
Celebrating 150 years of Jerry Thomas’ book The Ultimate Wine List
We all like wines that taste of chilli sauce, but how does the flavour get there?
Battle of Britain: From all four corners of the UK they came… We set the cyborg of logic loose in the shattered landscape of wine selling
‘Read all abaht it. “Freddie Starr drank my Riesling.”‘
Pleasure Seekers: Drinks for 35,000 people with, like, totally inexperienced barstaff? Whatevs… Bartenders: change your cocktail list more regularly than your pants!
No Grain no Gain: Whiskey that’s as rye as Ian Hislop
Take 20 different cocktail genres, mix ’em all together in a big pot, and voila Sommeliers the world over tell you what be goin’ down in their hood, home boy
Is it wrong to use just one wine merchant?
Why Monsieur Minervois, wizz zese wines you are really spoiling us Herball recall: our tasters get to grips with a serious flight of vermouths
Les Grands Chais de France do the food ‘n’ wine match tango with some sommeliers
Pinterest is the new Twitter, dahling
Marcis Dzelzainis on the seductive power of smoke

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