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Education, education, education: Imbibe partners with JTI to bring you bespoke training in subjects of your choice 

Question: if you’re in a London black cab heading south on Bow Street and you get to the corner of Exeter and Wellington Streets, do you turn left or right for The Savoy?* 

This is probably the only question in the UK’s black cab test ‘The Knowledge’ that a member of the on-trade would need to know the answer to. But what if we told you there was an on-trade ‘Knowledge’ – an education service that would have you whizzing down the drinks superhighway, leaving all your restaurant, pub or bar blind spots behind? 

Introducing Imbibe’s The Knowledge: a service we’re bringing to you in association with Japan Tobacco International (JTI) to give you a bespoke education in areas where you feel you need it most. 

First, ask yourself: what on-trade topics would you most like training in? Is there anything that keeps you awake wishing you knew how to do, make, pour or explain, if only someone would teach you how? And if the lack of training budget weren’t an issue, what new skills do you think you’d you most like to learn? 

Perhaps you’re a bartender aching to learn more about wine? Or maybe you’re a sommelier who could really do with some knowledge about after-dinner spirits? Do you just want to know the best way to present your cocktail list, encourage trading up and bring in more regulars? Or maybe you’re a pub owner who wants to enter the world of food-and-drink pairings? Whatever your education needs might be, Imbibe’s The Knowledge is here to help. 

*The answer is right.

How it works  

Go to the website: 

Fill in the website’s form detailing your name, contact details and the bar you work at, and then inform us of the area of education you feel you most need – anything you want, it’s up to you!

Imbibe will pick the most commonly entered topics – the areas that many of you say you need education in. We will then call in an expert in that field to carry out a one-day training programme. We will contact you if your topic has been chosen. 

So go online today and  get The Knowledge you’ve always wanted! 

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